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The serenity prayer. And being open to real change.
Interesting thoughts from Katya's Non-Profit Marketing Blog on 'less is more' with the 'serenity prayer' as a flow chart.

Book review: The New Community Rules - Marketing on the Social Web, by Tamar Weiberg
It’s a little over 300 pages, but reads easily and is a great reference tool for navigating social media sites such as Facebook and Flickr, understanding blogs and why YouTube is so popular. If you are in ministry and are not using social media, or just getting your feet wet, this book will really flesh out the why’s behind everything and how to leverage social media towards your organization’s goals.

Social Marketing Playbook - free download about using Facebook and Twitter to communicate
There are probably two errors we can fall into – believing that there is 100% commonality between secular marketing strategies and sharing the good news, and assuming that there is nothing we can learn or adapt from secular wisdom. Of course, every strategy we use to reach our community or the wider world, is, of necessity, ‘marketing’ – in the sense that it is communicating a message. Claiming that it is not marketing is rather like calling an animal ‘No Name’. Of course, some church ‘marketing’ is scary. Check Chris Seay's 24-minute video The Irony of Church Marketing. Look out for the extraordinary water trick seven minutes in. 360i Media offer the free Social Marketing Playbook on using social media – especially Facebook and Twitter – to communicate your message.

Free e-book: Facebook Page Marketing Guide and related guides on Facebook and Twitter
Internet marketing company Hubspot produces a free 30-page PDF e-book explaining how to set up and use Facebook fan pages. Although this is in the context of marketing a company via Facebook, much of the information is very helpful to anyone starting or maintaining a fan page for non-profit, church, ministry or evangelism. Best introduction I’ve seen on the subject.

Technology Conference Training Materials | TechMission: digital divide - urban ministry
TechMission presentations offer models for developing a community computer center, youth technology program, media ministry or entrepreneurship program, provide training in capacity building, marketing, fund raising & grant writing, & teach volunteer management & online safety principles.