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True Woman: October 31 . . . A Matter of Prayer
As a child growing up in a Roman Catholic family during the 1960s, we celebrated Halloween. That is to say, on October 31, we cobbled together homemade costumes of sad hobos, friendly ghosts, and fierce pirates so we could run from one house to another shouting “Trick or Treat!” as we gathered lots of candy.


True Woman Blog: Mary Ann on "Voices": Whimpering to Jesus
"Recently I had my fourth kidney stone. Have you ever had one? The pain is unrelenting, consuming, and unresponsive to any 'over-the-counter' pain meds. It's a paralyzing, helpless, hopeless kind of feeling. My initial response to the pain was to focus inwardly and whimper to Jesus for relief."


True Woman Blog: What Your Hubby Wishes You Knew About Being His Wife
When my husband and I were married over 30 years ago, I didn't know what I didn't know about marriage, men, or relationships. I knew that I loved Bob and that I wanted to be with him until “death do us part,” and I thought that was enough.


True Woman Blog: Let me pray for you . . .
I had been a Christian for over 20 years, but this was the first time someone had offered to pray for me, and then did so--immediately--out loud and in my hearing, and over the phone! I thought to myself, how bold, how strange, and how wonderful to hear someone praying for me.