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True Woman Blog: Pray with your eyes open
I want to share one of the prayers that I prayed from time to time when I sensed that something was amiss in my child’s life.


True Woman Blog: Managing Multi-Media
Managing the influence of multi-media in your child’s life is one of the biggest parenting challenges of our day. Here are just a few suggestions . . .


True Woman Blog: Should she be a doctor?
Carolyn McCulley and Mary Kassian talk with me about an important career decision.


True Woman Blog: True Woman Videos: "We're all feminists"
"I think that all of us--to one degree or another--are feminists." Learn what Mary Kassian means, and just how feminism affects your life.


True Woman Blog: Paper Stars
Have you ever noticed that it’s the simplest, most unassuming things that often have the most worth and value? It’s the things that seem on the surface, so very ordinary, that are often the most profound.


True Woman Blog: Mary Daly Dies
According to the obituary, Mary Daly was 81 and died on January 3rd of natural causes at Wachusett Manor nursing home in Gardner, Massachusetts.


True Woman Blog: Curse of the Good Girl
Being good is bad. Being bad is good. That's the message communicated in Rachel Simmons' book The Curse of the Good Girl: Raising Authentic Girls with Courage and Confidence.


True Woman Blog: Betty Boop Man-Training Kit
There's nothing unusual about the idea that scantily clad Betty would use her seductive charm and kisses to "train" a man. The classic Betty Boop, and women throughout history, have used that tact. But the other message on the box was startling.


True Woman Blog: Super Bowl—Super Question
Besides the expected beer commercials (getting the girl), and annoying chicken commercials (getting the food), and voice-over babies trading stocks (getting the money), there were a few commercials during this year's Super Bowl that illustrated men were getting frustrated.


True Woman blog: Mr. Right When You Need Him
"Mr. Right When You Need Him" promises to be a woman's consistent supporter in an inconsistent world, her number-one protector, and her first and foremost fan. And that is the desire of a woman's heart, isn't it?