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Is the church losing "emerging adults"?
How can the church help "emerging adults" stay rooted to the faith? The phenomenon of...

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Being Led By the Hand - #6746
Why don't you get you out of the way? Grow up to the point where you will let your Father feed you, let your Father carry you, let your Father lead you. You're never stronger than the moment you reach up a trembling, empty hand and say, "Father, lead me by the hand."

True Woman Blog: Transformed!: Desire and Time
If only spiritual transformation were that easy. Just read a book, see a counselor, attend a conference, make a fresh commitment, shed a few tears at an altar, memorize a few verses . . . and, presto, out comes a mature, godly Christian.

Stature - a Christian perspective
The Bible is silent about the details of Jesus' early life, but this verse tells us that as he grew physically, he also grew in wisdom and stature in God's eyes.

Maturity in the Bible: Hebrews 6:1-2
Are you maturing spiritually, or are you holding onto the elementary teachings about Christ? Hebrews talks about how we should be focusing on moving on to maturity.

Crawling's Not Enough - #5901
Maybe you've been coasting at the same spiritual speed for a while; you've been content with mediocrity - with crawling. But you're restless. God has made you restless. He has so much more for you.

Hebrews 5:11-14 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Our Call to Christian Maturity! A call to go deep in our faith! A question is presented in this passage; have you been a Christian for a long time?

Introduction to Hebrews - Into Thy Word Ministries
Background and Setting. Jesus Christ is greater than anything and everything! He is the fulfillment of the Old Testament; all that came before pointed to Him. This Book tells us of the Supremacy, Sufficiency, Pre-eminence, and Divinity of Christ. He is...

The Epistle of Hebrews. A Bible Study series on the Permanence, Sufficiency, Preeminence, and Superiority of Jesus Christ!

Romans 15:1- 13 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The more experienced and mature Christian is called to walk along side new and less mature Christians to help them grow so they can glorify Christ.

Romans 14:1-13a - Into Thy Word Ministries
We have to understand that Christians who are new in the faith or who are not mature in the faith will not have a well-grounded understanding of the things we take for granted in Christianity.