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Scripture memorization: not just for Sunday school students!
Do you have any Bible passages memorized? If you were brought up in a church community like mine,...

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True Woman: Finding Your Child’s Life Verse
We pray this verse for Eli. We pray this verse with Eli. We’ve painted this verse on the wall in Eli’s room. When he starts reading, this will be a passage I will have him practice reading often. When he is able to memorize Scripture, this verse will be where we start.

True Woman Blog: Are you ready to get your hands dirty? (ROH’s Monthly Memory Plan)
Scripture memory is just another discipline that helps us bury the Word deep in the soil of our hearts. So, is anyone else ready to get their hands dirty?!

True Woman blog: Scripture Memory "Queen of Bad" No More
For years, I was the "queen of bad" at hiding God's Word in my heart. I had great intentions and periodically even managed to memorize a verse or two. The problem was those verses never seemed to stick in my mind for very long. In the area of Scripture memorization, I felt like a total failure.

True Woman Blog: Erin Roberts' New Purpose
Erin Roberts was inspired to start memorizing Scripture when she heard Nancy Leigh DeMoss interviewing Nancy Epperson on the subject. Be encouraged to dig in to the Word of God, too, as Erin shares about the new purpose she’s found.

True Woman Blog: Leading you to the oasis of God’s Word
Here at Revive Our Hearts, we think that anything to get you memorizing God’s Word is a good thing.

2010 Monthly Memory Plan--Current Month
Start memorizing Scripture today. View and print the current month's Master Track or Voyager Track. Plus, download corresponding desktop wallpaper!

2010 Monthly Memory Plan
Start to memorize Scripture today. View and print each month’s Master Track or Voyager Track. Plus, download corresponding desktop wallpaper!

Revive Our Hearts: His Word in My Heart with Janet Pope
Are you ever kept from memorizing Scripture because you lack the time, ability, or discipline? Janet Pope felt like she had none of those, yet this busy mom who didn’t feel confident remembering things went on to memorize 14 books of the Bible and 121 chapters. Find out how she did it. Memory

Revive Our Hearts: Nancy Talks Practical
Memorizing and meditating on the Bible will transform your life, but how do you get into the habit? Gain some valuable perspective as Nancy answers practical questions on getting into the Bible. Memory

Revive Our Hearts: The Joy of Memorizing the Word (with Nancy Epperson)
Nancy Epperson knows hundreds of scriptures by heart. She says she's not naturally very good at memorizing. Learn why Scripture memory doesn't require special talent. Gain helpful tips on how to start learning Scripture, and learn how to remember what you've already learned. Memory