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Making New Memories - #6616
You can't base a relationship with Christ on a scrapbook, no matter how impressive the past is. You can't just let the old missions satisfy you. You need some new experiences with Jesus. You need to be part of some new exploits for the King, places where you experience Christ's lordship in things that matter to you now.


A Thousand Invisible Mornings - #6419
That price is to make our daily time with Jesus non-negotiable; the anchor of our daily schedule; the "sun" around which all the other "planets" of our life must revolve. Christian meetings and events won't do it. Great Bible teaching, Christian fellowship, they won't do it. There simply is no substitute for the love-driven discipline of spending time with Jesus yourself.


True Woman: A Surprising Listen
I haven't been able to listen to anything else since. This CD so ministers to my heart that I play it from early in the morning until it's time for bed.


True Woman Blog: Inspiring husband-wife duo memorize together—you can, too!
Bryan and Erika are just an ordinary couple. If they can do it (especially with a 19 month old and another on the way), we can, too!


The High Cost of Forgetting - #5792
When we stop praising God, we start forgetting God. And when we forget the kind of God we have, we start wandering, we start getting hurt, and we are much more likely to take matters into our own hands, to panic, to get impatient, to get discouraged or to get depressed. But the more you train yourself to be a "praiser," the less mistakes you're going to make - the less regrets you're going to have.


Memory - a Christian perspective
This verse in proverbs talks about the memory of those who were righteous and those who were wicked. The author says that the memory of the righteous will remain a blessing to people, whereas the memory of the wicked will be like a rot.