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Becoming a Man of Prayer: Bob Beltz
A Seven-Week Strategy Based on the Instructions of Jesus. Using the Model Prayer as a pattern, Beltz shows men how to pray more effectively. Offers a fresh and workable approach to prayer.

Becoming a Man of the Spirit: Bob Beltz
Overcome your personal "power failure" by plugging in to the Holy Spirit. Today, there's a greater power failure affecting billions of people every day. It's not an electrical power outage, but a spiritual one.

Treading Water in an Empty Pool: The Navigators
Men, tackle the tough stuff in life by exploring useful spiritual principles from movies, literature, and especially God's Word in the easy-to-understand language of The MessageĀ®.

Leaning into a Hail of Bullets: The Navigators
Take on the temptations that threaten their lives. This study is a venue for small-group participants and individuals to take on the temptations that threaten their jobs, marriages, and families.

Juggling Chainsaws on a Tightrope: The Navigators
Stress - With all its demands and pressures. Be the spiritual ringleader you want to be. THE REAL LIFE STUFF FOR MEN.

Chasing God with Three Flat Tires: The Navigators
Consider this eight-week Bible study a quick pit stop for tuning up your pursuit of God. A Spiritual Pit Stop.

Mens Confessions about porn - XXXchurch
XXXchurch - Hundreds of confessions from men who have been involved in porn. This is a place to share your story. You are not alone and help is out there.

Men and porn statistics - XXXchurch
Statistics about men, porn and the internet.

Men - Resources for help with porn - XXXchurch - Accountability
Resources for men who are struggling with the issue of pornography. Links, books and dvds.

Men: The first steps to getting help with porn - XXXchurch - X3watch
This page is for men who are struggling with pornography and want some help. Porn is a fantasy designed to do one thing-keep you completely to yourself. It is a lie. Porn tries to tell you what sex should feel like and look like. Porn will destroy the relationships around you. You will pull away from reality because of this dirty little secret. As you consume porn, it becomes your life and you will eventually lose control to addiction. Stop now. Be done with it all. Change today because there are much greater things than porn to give your time, money and energy to.