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True Woman:| Aching Arms and Tough Questions: Technology and Infertility
According to Wikipedia, one in seven couples have problems in conceiving a baby. When you're facing a childless future, how do you know what's right when it comes to infertility treatments? Should you seek medical help? What kinds are okay? Is it even biblical?


True Woman Blog: What if I can't have children?
As we talk about children this month, I want to reach out to those of you who haven't been able to have any. Infertility can be a lonely place—I know. I've walked that road, too.


True Woman Blog: He is my own son!
I heard a speaker on a radio program once talk about adoption in terms of "grafted into our family." I really liked that image . . .


True Woman Blog: Respecting a Boss I Didn't Respect
In my first job out of college, my boss had a short-fuse and hot temper. At least one or two times a week, he would just go off on an employee, vendor, or client. I had little respect for how he treated others—which spilled over into my attitude toward him.


True Woman Blog: Work . . . A blessing?
In the movie Return to Me (one of my favorites), a main character is asked by his granddaughter if he needs some help with cleaning up. His response, "No, no. I've been blessed with work." I don't know about you, but I don't always feel that way . . .


True Woman Blog: Waiting for Children
First comes marriage, then comes children, right?