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Jesus walks on water - a Christian perspective
Jesus performed many miracles during the course of his ministry. One of the most famous was walking on water, recounted here. The disciple Peter attempted to emulate Jesus' action, but began to sink when his faith faltered.


Bleeding in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus' power is such that just touching his cloak was enough to heal a woman of a long-standing medical condition. Her faith was such that she knew that just touching Jesus would be enough.


"Demon" in the Bible: Matthew 8:28-34
The account of Jesus' healing of a demon-possessed man. Nobody else dared go near the violent man, but Jesus cast the demon out of him with a word into a herd of pigs.


Wine in the Bible: John 2:1-11
In this passage, we read about one of Jesus' miracles: changing water into wine at a wedding party. It seems a minor miracle compared to raising the dead or healing the sick, but it's further evidence that Jesus has dominion over all things, great and small.


Loaves and fishes - a Christian perspective
In one of his most famous miracles, Jesus feeds a massive crowd with just a few loaves of bread and fish.


Get up - a Christian perspective
Jesus heals an invalid just by commanding him to get up and walk. The man had been trying to get to the healing pool but was continually pushed aside by others.


Walk on water - a Christian perspective
In one of Jesus' most famous miracles, he walks on water, inspiring the disciple Peter to imitate him.


Bethsaida in the Bible - a Christian perspective
At Bethsaida, Jesus encountered a blind man who begged Jesus to touch him. Jesus responded by miraculously restoring his sight.


"Storm" in the Bible: Matthew 8:23-27
Jesus has power and authority over nature itself, as demonstrated in this story, where he calms a raging storm with a word. This story highlights both Jesus' power, and his disciples' difficulty in putting their complete faith in him, despite the miracles they witnessed.


Your faith - a Christian perspective
Jesus healed many different people in the course of his ministry. In many of those cases, he suggested a link between the healing and the faith of the person asking for it.