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Were Jesus' miracles real, or just myths?
Turning water to wine... walking on water... healing the sick and raising the dead. All are...

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Matthew 8: 14-17 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Jesus the Healer. Peter writes later in his Epistle, cast all of your cares upon Him, In this passage, we begin to see the roots of Peter’s spiritual trust and formation. Jesus personally performed several miracles for Peter.

Matthew 8: 1- 4
Jesus Heals a Leper. With this passage, we start a series of nine stories and ten of our Lord’s miracles (8:1-9:36). These miracles serve as the proof of Christ’s claims, that He is the promised Messiah who will save us from our sins.

Good News Now - Who believes in miracles? - Audio
Listen to a discussion by respected Mathematician, John Lennox as he describes the connection between the natural world and the supernatural, and the relationship of Science to the belief in God.

Did Jesus Christ Really Rise from the Dead?
All of Christianity rests on the miracle of the resurrection. This article examines why this event is unique among modern religions and why that makes the testimony of the apostles so important.