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True Woman: Want to see my Christmas gift?
This Christmas, one of my gifts came a little early. Exactly two weeks before her due date, and two days before we were planning to leavefor the nine-hour trek to their home for Christmas, my daughter called to tell me early labor had begun!


True Woman Blog: Light in the Darkness
The miscarriage came in the early morning hours the day after the doctor’s visit. A womb emptied its treasure far too early, a daughter delved into pain deeper than she’s ever known, and questions fill the empty spaces.


Pregnant in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In Exodus we read of the penalty for a horrific situation that results in a pregnant woman having a miscarriage. The Law states that if the pregnant woman is struck while men are fighting and the baby is lost the offender must pay a price set by the husband. If he refuses he must be put to death.