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Power of a Consecrated Life
This encouraging interview series with Shannon Etter, a 26-year-old missionary to Asia, explores what it means to fully surrender our lives to God’s purposes and glory. Christian Living

Lausanne World Pulse -Gathered to Scatter: Raising Up the Next Generation of Leaders
This past summer and fall, I had the privilege of meeting with ministry leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Australia/Oceania who are all committed to the cause of world evangelization.

FIM Director’s Blog
General Director of Fellowship International Mission, Steve Wilt, blogs on the inner workings of a mission agency and how missions is played out on the field and in the church.

Health care - Pain or Gain?
Why is health insurance important to missionaries and why does FIM require it of all their missionaries? General Director Steve Wilt shares the biblical principles behind this policy.

Turtle on a Fencepost
Missionaries are like turtles on a fence post. You know they didn't get their by themselves, they are outside their comfort zone and they aren't going anywhere until someone helps.

David Brainerd : Conformity to God
How I was, the first day or two of my illness, with regard to the exercise of reason, I scarcely know; I believe I was somewhat shattered with the violence of the fever, at times. But the third day of my illness, and constantly afterwards for four or five weeks together, I enjoyed as much...

God Calls You To Prayer
Through prayer you can stand beside an evangelist as he preaches in crusades anywhere in the world. You can strengthen him, bless him, lift him up at the very moment he is bringing the Good News to thousands. Through prayer you can accompany any missionary to remote reaches of the earth.

FIM Missionaries by Field
Fellowship International Mission has over 150 missionaries in over 30 different countries around the world. This map will help you explore our influence for the gospel's sake throughout the world.