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How Do You Honor Your Mother?
This Sunday, May 9th, is Mother's Day, a holiday created in the US in 1910 to celebrate the...

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Security Checks for Families - #5827
A selfish husband, a defiant wife, a rebellious child, a frustrating parent: they each bring things onto your family's flight that can bring it down. But we each can do our part to make our home a safe place to be, where people are built up, not torn down. We each have a position to play to bring love and encouragement and respect to the other members of our family whether they're doing it or not. Be sure you're not bringing things aboard that can hijack your family's happiness.

Mothers - a Christian perspective
Our parents are worthy of respect, and in this verse Christians are commanded to treat their parents, elder people, and widows with the grace they are due.

Mothers in the Bible: Proverbs 31:9-31
You've probably heard of the "Proverbs 31 woman"--the role model for Christian women, often cited in Mother's Day sermons. But despite its (over)use, this passage is a wonderful portrait of a woman committed to God: gracious in her relationships, savvy and integrity-filled in her professional life, and righteous in her behavior.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Why the Kids Are Safe - #5687
Isn't it great to know that your safety and security has nothing to with your situation or your surroundings? Your safety depends on one thing and one thing alone - the watch care of your Father in heaven!