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Perspectives on grief during Lent
Grief is a terrible, personal experience—everybody goes through it at some point in their...

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Hurting in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God's famous promise to us is that in His kingdom, there is no hurting or mourning or tears. In His kingom, He will comfort us, wipe away our tears, and heal our deepest wounds.

Mourning into dancing - a Christian perspective
God not only lifts our sorrow and despair, but he gives us a new reason to rejoice and be happy. This verse praises God for transforming despair into dancing.

Sad - a Christian perspective
This downbeat passage from Ecclesiastes suggests that there isn't necessarily any shame in sadness or grief--in fact, sometimes those emotions are more healthy than inappropriate happiness or delight in the wrong things.

Mourning - a Christian perspective
Christians are not promised a life free of grief, but as this passage indicates, they can ultimately count on God to comfort and restore them.

The Natasha Tragedy
Today the entertainment world is mourning the sudden and shocking death of Natasha Richardson-from a head injury sustained in a fall on the beginner's slope. As I heard that news, I looked out the window to see a beautiful morning mist covering a nearby lake. Within minutes the mist that had defined the landscape was gone.