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This week at Hollywood Jesus: a talk with the cast of Enchanted, plus the latest film reviews
Hollywood Jesus is a site devoted to pop culture from a spiritual point of view. Every week, they...

The Godman
Mission Network News reports on the movie, The Godman, being shown in India that's having a...

Past the Popcorn film roundup—Three Strong Recommendation for Family-and-Values Types
Each week, Past the Popcorn offers a thorough look at the latest round of films opening on big...

An interview with Dolph Lundgren
Once upon a time, Dolph Lundgren played one of cinema's most notorious (and notoriously...

Past the Popcorn film roundup—Short Days, Short Films
Each week, Past the Popcorn offers a thorough look at the latest round of films opening on big...

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CANA Table of Contents
Christian Answers for the New Age is a ministry addressing the dangers of the occult. A variety of articles have been written addressing current issues about the influence of the occult in the culture around us.

The Golden Compass: A Hint of Evil
I have received dozens of forwarded emails warning Christians about the upcoming movie, “The Golden Compass.” I can’t help but wonder why this did not happen with Harry Potter.

Golden Compass Discussion Guide
We're giving you a set of discussion questions that are based on some of the tough issues raised by the movie The Golden Compass. Discuss the author's statements, and perceptions of Christianity with your youth group or small group.

Review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Everyone's favorite boy wizard returns in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, though now he is a little more grown up and a lot more serious.

Review of Transformers
In this film, Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf) holds the key to a war that has been fought over centuries by beings from the planet called Cybertron.

Review of Ratatouille
Pixar's latest offering, Ratatouille, tells the story of a rat who wishes for something more and a young man who pretends to be something he's not. Together, they resurrect a once-popular restaurant that has fallen from its perch atop French cuisine since the death of its founder.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
At World's End is another summer blockbuster from Gore Verbinski and Walt Disney Pictures. With each subsequent Pirates movie, Verbinski has added larger set pieces and more elaborate CGI work, culminating in a beautifully made movie with no shortage of action and breathtaking visuals.

Spiderman 3
The long wait is over. All of the fan boys and girls as well as those newly introduced to Spiderman through his two previous movies can now see the third installment in the series.

Evan Almighty Review
Evan Almighty is the sequel to Bruce Almighty, but it is a different type of movie. Bruce Almighty is about a man who gets the power of God for a day. Evan Almighty is about a man who gets a task from God, but doesn't get any special powers.

Superman Returns
I love comic books. I have been reading them since I was a kid. I love the larger-than-life heroes who use super powers to perform astounding acts.