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On the Road with Article One
As one of Inpop's newest bands, Article One is already a smash with their self-titled debut label album released in early May 2007. "In No Time at All" has claimed the #3 spot on the CANCON Adult Contemporary Chart and the band just recently finished a jam packed spring tour.

Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship
The laundry room, the Sound Kitchen, and the back of the bus don't sound like great places to record. However they are three of the places chosen to record the amazing worship album, Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship.

Wake Up With Everyday Sunday
Traveling from Duluth to Chicago in their trusty RV, Harvey the RV, the band noticed a funky odor, and that's when drummer Kevin Cramblet discovered that he had left the emergency brake on while driving to the next stop in the "Generation Rising" tour.

The Ringing Bell by Derek Webb
If you think Christian music all sounds the same, you haven’t heard Derek Webb. Combining lyrical genius and masterful music blends, Webb’s fourth solo project, The Ringing Bell, is true art.

Building 429: Iris to Iris
Thousands of years before the world ever heard of rock music, Nashville, or CD releases, a prophet Moses made a bold request of God. He asked to see God’s glory, and he lived to tell about it. In their latest release Iris to Iris, Building 429 is making the same plea.

Review of 33 Miles
Imagine driving down a country road on a warm, sunny day with the windows to your car wide open. Your hair is flapping in the breeze as you cruise down the road praising God for His glorious day.

Five Score and Seven Years Ago by Relient K
Their forthcoming “Five Score and Seven Years Ago” reflects a new musical and lyrical maturity, but it also made me long for the “old days” of straight-up fun with Matt Theissen (lead vocal/guitar/piano) and his crew.

Amazing Grace: Music Inspired by the Motion Picture
If you are thirsty for the classic music of yesteryear, the new release Amazing Grace: Music Inspired by the Motion Picture will wet your palate.

See the Morning by Chris Tomlin
The album starts off with good, uplifting stuff. Trademark Tomlin big guitars and driving beat. I know, nothing really new, but what he does, he does well. The first couple of songs seem destined to become worship kick-starters, particularly "Let God Arise."

Red Mountain Music
I know that albums are usually reviewed individually, and that it is usually unfair to both the listener and the musician to judge the entire body of their work in one lump sum. But some things must be taken as a whole, as one part builds upon the other and complements that part.