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Intimate Messages - #6656
That song we learned as kids didn't say, "Jesus loves us," though that's true. It's so right because it says, "Jesus loves me. This I know."


Changing Facebook profile names according to your target audience
If your main Facebook page is primarily based around your ministry, and most of your friends are also involved in ministry, then it is not going to be an appropriate environment to build relationships with not-yet-Christians. It is not dishonest to maintain two different Facebook under slightly different names. Here are some suggestions.


Branding: using appropriate names to position Christian evangelism and outreach
What’s in a name? A lot. A single word can carry a whole lot of baggage. Even words with almost equivalent meanings carry different shades of meaning. Even such a word such as ‘postman’ in English, French, or German, projects a different image in the mind of hearers in each country. Other words carry much greater differences of image. If a health magazine article were to substitute directly-equivalent taboo slang words for body parts in place of the medical terms, many people would stop reading it. Yet the literal meaning would be identical.