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The Last Day's Weather Forecast - #6540
You know, I'm thinking there's not a lot of time left on God's clock. This is a time for passion, for action! The cold winds of earth's last days may be blowing right now. It's time to write your own personal forecast, "Very hot for Jesus until He comes!"


Disaster in Japan: A Wake-Up Call for the People of God
This is a time to take urgent action to save the lives around us. I know the high ground is on that hill with the Cross on it, the Cross where Jesus took the full force of the tsunami of God's judgment. I cannot fail the people I know. I am their warning system. I know how they can be safe, whenever, however eternity comes.


How to Pray for America
Pray for our nation with the help of these prayer requests.


A missed opportunity for the Great Commission: reaching 10/40 Window nations online
The potential of the Web for online outreach is increasingly acknowledged. But there is so much more that can be done, especially in non-English languages. The needs and opportunities of Japan are immense, for example. But many other countries are a challenge too. There is very little effective web evangelism parts of E Europe, for example. Yet the Web is a powerful tool to help us fulfill the Great Commission.


"Tribe" in the Bible: Revelation 7:9
In the seventh chapter of Revelation, John looks out into a huge crowd and sees people from every nation, tribe, people and language. They were all standing before the lamb.


Nation - a Christian perspective
God promises to bless any nation that collectively honors and obeys Him. When the nation of Israel followed God's ways, He rewarded them greatly--but when they drifted away from Him, they suffered repeated defeat and shame.