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40th anniversary of the Stanford Prison Experiment exposes human nature
40 years ago the Stanford Prison Experiment was conducted by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo. Volunteer students were randomly selected to become 'prisoners' or 'guards' in a roleplay prison simulation. It had to be cut short after 6 days...


True Woman: Worshiping with Peanut Butter and Birdseed
The birds know who the Lord is. And they were willing to share their secret with me.


Book review: The Seven Basic Plots, Why we tell stories, by Christopher Booker
Readers of Middlemarch by George Eliot may recall the dry old scholar Rev Casaubon’s failed attempt to create a unifying ‘Key to all Mythologies’. (You may have briefly felt in passing, that Casaubon’s plan was irrelevant and futile.) But Booker has succeeded in doing this and much more – a quite remarkable analysis of the nature of story, in a project which took him 34 years. But do not be misled into thinking that this is a sterile academic book – it is highly readable! And for its 700 pages, remarkably cheap.


Handiwork - a Christian perspective
The Bible teaches that nature itself testifies to God's greatness. Look around you at the wonders of the natural world--all of it is God's handiwork.


Beasts in the Bible - a Christian perspective
It is a theme throughout the Bible that nature itself testifies to God's power and majesty. When we find ourselves questioning God's power, we're encouraged to look at the animals and natural world around us as evidence.


Herb in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The vegetation of the world was given to be food for man. Here, God presents His creation to the newly created Adam and Eve, giving them charge over it and responsibility for it.


Rain in the Bible: Matthew 5:44-45
Nature, natural disaster, and the weather don't discriminate between good and bad people. It's our task as Christians to reach out to those who need to hear of God's grace.


Heavens - a Christian perspective
If God's words and actions didn't already sufficiently point to His glory and power, nature certainly does. The sheer majesty of the earth and the universe reflect and declare their Creator's sovereignty.


Ocean - a Christian perspective
All nature proclaims God's glory, from the birds of the sky to the fishes of the ocean. This psalm calls on all of creation to praise God.


Nature in the Bible: Job 12:7-10
It is a theme throughout the Bible that nature itself testifies to God's glory. Here, Job is challenged to look to nature to see God's power and authority reflected and acknowledged there.