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Today's devotional: overcoming life's impossible challenges
Are you faced with an impossible challenge in your life—a problem for which there simply is...

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When the Devil Pulls Your String - #6151
It's time you defied that enemy in the conquering name of Jesus. It's time you say, "Go ahead, pull my string. But because I've got Jesus on my side, I'm not going to do what I've always done before. I am not your puppet anymore!"

Seeing What Isn't Working - #5730
Could it be that you've allowed yourself to start dwelling most of the time on what's wrong: what's wrong with your situation, what's wrong with your church, what's wrong with the people around you, what's wrong with your family members? Without realizing it, you've actually allowed yourself to become what the world already has more than enough of - a negatologist - a role really that is just totally unfitting for a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Family Infections - #4436
Every family has them - those germs that get passed around the family. And they're not all the kind you go to a doctor for. The most virulent, most damaging family infections of all come from moral germs, spiritual germs, some of which have infected generations and are in the process right now of being passed on to yet another generation.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Answer in the Mirror - #4370
That ghost of "not me" really gets around. There are a lot of folks who see almost every problem, every conflict, every mistake that way. Whoever is at fault, it certainly isn't me! Sadly, those folks continue to be the common denominator in one problem after another because they simply cannot see, or admit, their blame for anything.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Seeing What Isn't Working - #4202
Our grandson basically ignored the lights that were working - all he could see were the ones that weren't working. Sadly, there are grownup people who live most of their lives that way - they look right past the things that are working and choose to focus on the things that aren't working. So they're often frustrated, discontent, unhappy, critical. And when we're like that, I guess we become "negatologists" - people who major on the negative.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The View Through a Dirty Window - #5258
How do you clean off the junk that's ruining your view? You ask your Lord for the grace to forgive, for the courage to confront, for the wisdom to leave yesterday's pain out of today's choices.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Wreckage of a Runaway Mouth - #5271
Highway engineers know you have to find a way to stop a runaway truck. A truck with no brakes can do a lot of damage. So can a mouth with no brakes - something's that's a lot more common than runaway trucks. Many of us know all too personally the damage that can be inflicted by a runaway mouth. We still carry the memories, the scars, the negative effects of the names we've been called, the putdowns, the backstabbing, the verbal cruelty, intended or unintended. Sadly, though, we're not just the victims of someone else's runaway mouth. We're also the victimizers.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Dead Coyotes And Soaring Hawks - #3908
I guess whether you see soaring hawks or dead coyotes depends on where you're looking. And some of us have this amazing ability to miss most of the beautiful things going on around us and to only see the ugly things. Some folks see mostly what's right with people and with their situation - others just can't help focusing on what's wrong - the dead coyotes. And it really does depend on where you choose to look - up or down. Because if you're walking through your day close to your Lord, there are always goodnesses to see!