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An international ministry of apologetics and evangelism—answering skeptics' questions about Christianity and helping Christians better understand their own beliefs.

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Be Prepared To Stop - #6946
Don't let the preoccupations of your agenda, your problems, your demands, even the un-lovable-ness of the person who needs you keep you from being there for them. Don't let those things make you forget that people are most important. They're going to last forever. Please, be prepared to stop.

Whatever-It-Takes Love - #6634
It may have looked like Roman soldiers were taking Jesus' life, but He said He was giving His life to pay for all the sinning you and I have ever done. He is the Son of God. No one can take His life. He gave it for you.

Controlled Avalanches - #6453
Deal with it while it's still able to be dealt with. Daily corrections are God's avalanche cannon. Get at the issue now. Don't wait until it comes crashing down on you.

Neighbor in the Bible: Mark 12:28-31
When asked to name the most important commandment, Jesus boiled the entire law down to two points: love God, and love your neighbor. Our love for those around us should be a natural outpouring of our love for God.

"Love your neighbor" in the Bible: Matthew 22:37-40
We're all heard the Biblical commend to "love your neighbor as yourself"--but have you ever stopped to think about how profoundly this attitude would change the world if we all carried it out? Jesus summed up the entire point of God's law in two phrases, and both of them--loving God, and loving our neighbors--are all about putting the needs of others before our own.

Romans 13:8-10 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The theme of the Christian life and the reason for us to keep obedient is nothing less than love. Our use of real genuine love is the fulfillment of the law and our highest response of obedience to what He gave us.

A Slice of Infinity: The Apologetic of Being a Neighbor, by Jill Carattini
The Apologetic of Being a Neighbor