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How many times in the Bible does the word 'Messiah' occur? Search the Bible using the keyword "Messiah".

Lausanne World Pulse - Themed Articles - Scripture Resources for Internet Evangelism
The Bible Gateway and other websites allow web users access to the entire scriptures.

Audio Bible :: TNIV Bible
Listen to the Bible while you read it ... all online [multi-voice edition].

TNIV Bible :: Today's New International Version online Bible
The history of Bible translation is a story as complex and detailed as the texts themselves. Countless scholars and translators have worked to bring the Bible to English-speaking people in a language that is as accurate and understandable as possible. Join us at as we examine the TNIV Bible.

Search the NIV Bible
Search the NIV Bible by verse or keyword.

NIV Bible :: New International Version
The official website for the New International Version (NIV) Bible.

NIV Study Bible :: Introductions to the books of the Bible.
An introduction frequently reports on the book's title, outline, author, and date of writing. It details the books background and purpose, explores themes and theological significance, and points out special problems and distinctive literary features.

Nepali Bible
Download the Nepal Bible in PDF. Both Old and New Testament.