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True Woman Blog: Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
"As Christians, we have an opportunity to help families around the world by both standing against incredible injustice against women and by preaching the gospel of reconciliation. Let's not lose any ground to lesser solutions."


True Woman Blog: A Cry for Help from Albania
Enkelejda describes Albanian women as “used and abused.” Kidnapping, human trafficking, pornography, prostitution, and organ trafficking all run rampant. If you have money, you can buy anything . . . or anyone. Ordering a child seems to be almost as normal as purchasing coffee in a coffee shop.


Oppression - a Christian perspective
God has a special concern for the poor and downtrodden. Nobody who oppresses or abuses the needy will escape God's anger.


Oppression in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God places special importance on the fair and just treatment of the weak and downtrodden. It is often in response to oppression and injustice that God takes action in the world.


This passage has been greatly misunderstood, or else the Apostle has contradicted himself. Leaving out of view the 16th verse, and that the design of the 17th is to assign the grounds of the assertion in the 16th, many of the expounders of the Scriptures have understood the 17th to declare...