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Oral versus Book: communicating with oral communication cultures online for Christian evangelism
The enormous growth in Web access in the non-western world gives us a powerful means of sharing the good news in the 10-40 Window and beyond. It is important to realize that many of these nations and people groups have ‘oral communication cultures’. They do not process information in the same way that you may – who probably had the opportunity of many years of education and are part of an educated ‘book culture’.


Lausanne World Pulse - Awakening Through Storytelling
How God used oral translation of scripture to transform an entire community.


Lausanne World Pulse - Taking the Orality Plunge: Confessions of a Print Addict Unawares
How one agency is coming alongside non-Western pastors to develop an oral partnership training course.


Lausanne World Pulse - Making Disciples of Oral Learners
A provocative call to radically rethink our communication of the gospel was the central theme of the 2005 International Orality Network


Lausanne World Pulse - Orality Network Conference: His word must Go beyond printed page.
God will use whatever means necessary, including oral transmissions and auditory messages, to draw individuals and groups to himself. By Durk Meijer