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Survivors to the Rescue - #6207
As time has gone by, have you become content to just find a warm spot among other people who are already headed for heaven; to believe the beliefs, give the money, be at the meetings, and live as if the reason you were rescued is to enjoy the fellowship of the others who've been rescued? No, you were rescued to rescue.


Others - a Christian perspective
The Christian life is not a selfish one. As followers of Christ, we must imitate him in all respects, including the way he put the needs of others over his own at all times.


"Treat others" in the Bible: Matthew 7:12
What lies at the heart of all of God's commandments? The command to love others and to love God. Jesus taught that this summed up all of the law.


The Music That's Always There - #5801
Maybe you're in a season right now when you've been sidelined. You feel set aside, held back or restricted. You're in a situation or maybe you have a condition that's making you very aware that you are really limited. Not all prisons have physical walls. It's easy to get frustrated, self-pitying, negative or bitter. But you can choose, as Paul did, to continue instead to enjoy your Lord; to still make His music for others.