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"I have overcome the world" in the Bible: 1 John 5:3-5
In John Jesus says that he has overcome the world. Later in the Bible, John explains that all who believe that Jesus is the son of God can say, "I have overcome the world."


"Overcome" in the Bible: John 16:33
While we often describe the Christian life as being involved in a spiritual battle, it's not like any other "war" ever fought. God's "war" on sin and death has already been won! God has already overcome sin, and so there is no reason for Christ-followers to hesitate or lose heart.


Victory in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 15:56-58
Jesus offers us something we can never achieve on our own: victory over sin and death, two facts of human life that we could never overcome on our own. Work done in the service of Christ is never pointless, because we know that God's work will never be undone by sin or death.


Oswald Chambers : All Noble Things are Difficult
If we are going to live as disciples of Jesus, we have to remember that all noble things are difficult. The Christian life is gloriously difficult, but the difficulty of it does not make us faint and cave in, it rouses us up to overcome. Do we so appreciate the marvellous salvation of Jesus Christ..


Charles G. Finney : Any One Form of Sin Persisted In is Fatal
To persist in sin is not to abandon it. If a person should only occasionally, under the force of temptation, fall into a sin, any form of sin, and should repent and abandon it for a time, and should only occasionally be overcome by a temptation to commit that form of sin, it would not...


The God Who Does Wonders - Murray
These mediations make us feel how sadly lacking in love we are towards God. More than one will be earnestly seeking to know how such a state may be overcome. God alone, the God who works wonders, can help us. He will help all who ask in faith. To gain that love we have to go to the Throne of Grace,