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Drowning Out the Disturbing Music - #6755
God says in essence, "You can't stop the world from playing its alluring attractions for your children, but you can play the music of Jesus louder." How do you do that? Impress His teachings on your children. It doesn't just say tell them or teach them. It says to impress them.


Pagan in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In the Old Testament we read much of the Jews and their interactions with the pagans. There is a constant tension between how the kings dealt or didn't deal with the pagan cultures they interacted with. In this verse we read of how Josiah destroyed the pagan priests and their various forms of worship.


"Heathen" in the Bible: Matthew 6:7
In the NIV the word heathen is rendered as pagan, and in this verse we are told that while we are praying we should not babble like the pagans. Jesus says that they think they'll be heard because of the number of words they speak.