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Today's devotional: are Jesus' parables easy or difficult to understand?
For such short and simple stories, Jesus' parables can be surprisingly difficult to understand....

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Parables LifeGuide Bible Study
We all love a good story. But the parables of Jesus are even better than that. They sneak up on us, catching us off guard and toppling our easy assumptions. When the familiar takes an unexpected twist, we find our secret thoughts exposed to the healing light of Jesus. This Bible study introduces twelve of the greatest stories ever told; how might they change your thoughts and actions?

Parables in the Bible: Luke 15:1-32
Jesus often communicated difficult truths and ideas through parables--stories meant to illustrate a concept. This passage contains several of his most famous parables, although he told many others in the course of his ministry.

Kingdom of Heaven in the Bible: Matthew 13:1-58
This series of parables describes the Kingdom of Heaven from many different vantage points. Each story illustrates a truth about God's kingdom, and Jesus explains the meaning of each.

My First Message: Stories of Jesus mini-book: Eugene H. Peterson
Introduce your child to the wonders of Jesus through My First Message.