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Is This Revival? An Appeal for Discernment
The evangelical world boasts some of the largest and most "successful" programs and undertakings in the history of the church. Could we be in the midst of a spiritual awakening? Nancy Leigh DeMoss reminds us that genuine revival cannot be "produced" by human effort and must bear the marks of repentance, obedience, and holiness. She urges us not to settle for anything less than a true movement of God’s Spirit in our day.

Interview with Shaunti Feldhahn
Nancy interviews Shaunti Feldhahn, author of "For Women Only." Shaunti shares about her life and about how she became interested in the way men are wired.

Indispensable Ingredients for Life
Combine the presence of God and the Word of God daily. To ensure maximum freshness, do this morning and night. Follow this recipe, and you will have success in all you do!

How's Your Love Life
Take this "love test," a spiritual inventory based on 1 Corinthians 13, to determine specific areas of need in your life.

How to Pray for America
Pray for our nation with the help of these prayer requests.

How to Endure Suffering
Learn ten practical principles for enduring suffering from 2 Timothy.

Hope for Uncertain Times
Learn how to survive—and thrive—in an economic crisis.

Holiness: The Heart God Purifies (Study Guide)
This study will encourage you to take a fresh look at our holy God and to engage in a lifelong pursuit of the holiness to which He has called us (Discussion guide from Nancy Leigh DeMoss' book, "Holiness: The Heart God Purifies").

Help for Busy Woman
Feeling overwhelmed? Learn to seek God for what He wants you to do.

Growing in Gratitude: A 30-Day Challenge
Cultivate a heart of gratitude and begin your 30-day journey to joy!