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Perfect - a Christian perspective
Christians persevere through trials and suffering because they understand that God uses those adverse experiences to shape them into better and more perfect followers of Christ. Our lives are a continuing journey toward the perfection that is Jesus.


"Perfect" in the BIble: Matthew 5:47-48
Christians aren't just called to behave well--they're called to behave perfectly. Anybody can be nice to somebody who's nice back to them... but only the spirit of Jesus can empower us to show true love to those who hurt or persecute us. That's the type of love Christ calls us to embody.


I've lived a pretty good life. I'll go to heaven, if there is one, won't I? - Faith Facts
The belief that goodness earns eternal salvation is the single most prevalent misconception about Christian teaching. The question is, by whose standard are you "good"—God's perfect standard or man's imperfect one? Or do we actually need a Savior? Read more....