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Christmas Far From Home - #6510
Wherever you are this Christmas, your heart can finally be home, because you finally belong to Jesus. See, He left home so you could find home.


Delusion in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul tells the Thessalonians that those who actively refuse the truth are being sent a delusion by God in order to make sure they are fully condemned.


Vision perish - a Christian Perspective
Proverbs says that a people without vision will perish; yet, those that keep the law will be happy.


"Perish" in the Bible: 2 Peter 3:9-10
It's not God's will that anyone perish. In fact, according to this passage, the apparently delay before Jesus returns is due to God's patience with us: He is waiting to make sure that everyone has a chance to be saved. If you find yourself impatient with God, consider it is actually God who is being patient with us.