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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Getting Up Close and Personal - #4215
Even babies seem to know that there's something about touching a person's face that is especially intimate. Psychologists tell us that they're right, and that even in romantic affection, touching the face is one of the most meaningful levels of physical intimacy. It's no wonder babies know to seek our face.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Why Our Enemy Wins - #4708
The one to shoot at is the devil. And the one who is trying to drive a wedge between you and that family member or fellow believer is none other than the prince of darkness himself. But he wants you to think that they're the problem. He's the problem! We play right into his hands when we allow ourselves to focus on our differences, on our wounded feelings, on our turf, on our frustrations.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Name that Says it All - #4714
Unless and until you abandon all other hopes and cling completely to God's Rescuer, Jesus, you are headed for hell's eternal punishment. But Jesus already took your punishment when He gave His life for you on the cross. What you have to do is reach out in faith and take for yourself what He did for you there.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - How Your Life - and Your Death - Can Really Count - #4742
If you haven't lived to show Christ to people, your death really can't lift Him up. The death of a man or a woman who has really lived passionately for Christ can have such incredible meaning - helping others be in heaven with you. But a life not lived for Christ just can't have that kind of meaning. Death destroys every reason for living but one - living for Jesus and what matters to Him.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Goodbye, Ordinary! - #4244
An ordinary guy who suddenly realizes that he has some extraordinary powers available to him - and who realizes he can't settle for ordinary anymore. Man, is that a picture of any man or woman in whom Jesus Christ lives! That's the Jesus who blew the doors off His grave on Easter morning, who has conquered death, the most powerful force on earth. The force that has stopped every man - except one Man. And the day you gave yourself to Him, He moved into your life to stay - with all His resurrection power.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Good News About Your Roller Coaster - #4267
No matter how scary a roller coaster may be, no matter how radical its dips and twists and turns, there's good news - it's always attached to the track! Of course, you don't even have to enter an amusement park to know what it's like to ride a roller coaster. Most of us can testify that life is a roller coaster - ups and downs and twists and turns that surprise us, rattle us, frighten us, and even make us want to bail out.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Walked On, But Still Victorious - #4299
I have a Savior like that. There are plenty of people who have no time for Jesus, no interest in Him, who have basically blown Him off. There are even people who consider Jesus something we used to believe in, something needed only be weak people. And in most workplaces and schools, you can hear Jesus' name used as a swear word most every day. Oh yes, His name has been trampled on.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When the Quarterback's a Referee! - #4762
When we forget that we're surrounded by spiritually dying people and that we have a life-or-death mission to rescue them, we take our eye off the ball and we start bickering over trivial pursuits. Rescue unites people around a mission where turf and trivia just don't matter!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Sharp Edges - #4774
Maybe you get sharp and hurtful when you're tired, or when you're interrupted, or when something or someone messes up the way you had it planned. It could be that you become cutting and harsh when you're really stressed, or really frustrated, or when you don't get your way. I know where my buttons are that bring out my worst. I suspect you know where yours are, too. But for the sake of those we love, isn't it time we finally did something about the sharp edges that keep cutting them?


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Bread for Tomorrow - #4792
Maybe you've been let down by others in the past, and maybe you're often anxious about whether you'll have what you need when you need it. With God as your Heavenly Father, with you as His child purchased with the life of His Son, it's unnecessary worry.