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Please God - a Christian perspective
Paul wrote in Galatians that we should not be concerned by what men think, but rather seek to please God. He said that if he were trying to please man, there's not a chance he'd be serving Christ.


Devotions or Devotion (video), Keith Green
Keith Green shares from a modified version of a sermon from one of Charles Finney's books. The insights from this sermon are very unique and its well worth the listen. It's not necessarily the things we do that please God, but the reasons why we do them. A beautiful look at true devotion...


A.W. Tozer : An Instrument for God to Use
To please God, a person must be just an instrument for God to use. For a few seconds, picture in your mind the variety of wonderful and useful appliances we have in our homes. They have been engineered and built to perform tasks of all kinds. But without the inflow of electrical power they are just