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Controlled Avalanches - #6453
Deal with it while it's still able to be dealt with. Daily corrections are God's avalanche cannon. Get at the issue now. Don't wait until it comes crashing down on you.


Grumblers Anonymous - #6355
When you look at a close up of the moment, it leads to grumbling. Why don't you turn your grumbling to gratitude? There will always be full membership in Grumblers Anonymous. No more members needed there. So why don't you resign and join a better organization - The Builder Uppers.


Poison in Pretty Packages - #6326
That sin that looks so good on the package; it will take over your personality, your body, your relationships, your dignity, and your worth. It's poison! No matter how inexpensive sin seems to be, it will actually end up costing you everything.


Bronze snake - a Christian perspective
Plagued by snakes sent to punish them for their ceaseless complaining, the Israelites were told to look at a bronze statue of a snake to be saved from the serpents. All who looked at the snake lived.


Poison in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Among the identifying traits of the early evangelists of the church were resistance to poison and other dangers like snakes. There is debate today about whether this applies to modern believers or not; most Christians believe this is not a reference to Christians today.