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The line between luxury and necessity
Last month, a minor controversy erupted over a news report that Ed Young, a well-known pastor and...

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No Tipping Allowed - #6438
You give God His, and you don't have less; you have more. You've got the God who owns it all saying, "All these things will be added to you." "You don't have to worry," Jesus said. God is your Father, not your waiter. He's your Lord, not your driver. He gets your best. When it comes to God, no tipping allowed.

True Woman: “It was only a thing.”
It was then that I noticed something was missing. For years I had seen Mother wear a striking jewel-studded ring on her right hand . . .

Disappointment Mountain - #2282
The Bible says God has planted eternity in your heart. You are built to live for eternal things. Would you let Jesus challenge your daily value system? Would you let Him loosen your grip on all you have accumulated? Would you let Him evaluate your dreams in the light of eternity? Would you let Him change what you're aiming your efforts at?

Feeling Down at the Top - #2897
Life is a series of disappointing views until we give our lives to the only One who can give it eternal meaning. Every other destination will leave you feeling hollow inside - until you're home - in the waiting arms of Jesus Christ.

Property - a Christian perspective
Christians should keep their earthly property and possessions in perspective. We could lose them at any time for the sake of Christ--but we can have confidence that what we own in Christ is both more valuable and cannot be taken from us.

Stocks, Profits, And Other Exciting Roller Coasters - #3734
The "roller coaster" you've ridden lately may actually be a wakeup call from God - to turn you from what can never be secure to an anchor relationship with Him that you can never lose. There may be more ups and downs - but you're headed into your future, anchored to the never-leave-you love of Jesus Christ - and knowing that this ride ends in His arms.

The Two-Minute Warning - #2860
I have to tell you, as I understand Scripture, the world has never looked so much like the world Jesus Christ is going to return to. Since Jesus was here, there has never been an Israel - until now. There's never been the prophesied return of the Jews to their land, from all over the world - until now.

The Cleanup Imperative - #5894
God is not impressed with your abilities, with your great résumé, with your connections, your education, or your credentials. He doesn't care about your cash. He doesn't care about your charisma. All He cares about is your character! He is looking for clean! Getting rid of the dirt, staying clean, that is how you qualify to be an instrument in the hands of Almighty God.

Possessions - a Christian perspective
King Solomon was a man who literally had all the possessions he could desire. Along with tremendous wisdom he was given tremendous wealth and possessions to boot. Yet, even with all of those things he still looked upon it and said it was all for naught. Possessions mean nothing, they are a chasing after the wind.

Treasure in the Bible: Matthew 6:19-21
What do you consider your "treasure," your most valued possession? This passage warns us not to place too much value on physical possessions, which won't be around forever. Rather, we're to place our hopes and focus on spiritual matters, which can't be taken from us by thieves or the passage of time.