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Saying Goodbye to What's Been Holding You Back - #6120
What a day this could be if you would make it your Jesus-day - the day you open your heart for Him to come in and forgive all the sin of your life and free you from the dependencies that have been holding you back. Just talk to Him where you are. Tell Him you're done driving your own life, that your only hope is Him and what He did on the cross for you, and that from this day on, you're His.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Thanksliving - #8151
I want to encourage you to put on your Thanksgiving glasses every day of the year—looking for, focusing on the things you have to be thankful to God for. Because, as Charles Spurgeon said, “Those who look for providences will never want for providences to see.”


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Nuisance Or Need? - #5663
In your life there are obnoxious people; there are mean people, folks who demand a lot of your time and attention; complainers; problem people. Honestly, there are people, who for one reason or another, well, you'd just like to close the door on like almost everyone else has. And you will unless you see them through the eyes of Jesus. Then you'll see the need behind the deeds, like a mother who looks past a baby's crying to find out where it hurts.