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Youth ministry to pregnant teenagers
The Youth Specialties blog had a fascinating post recently about what to do when one of the kids...

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True Woman:| Aching Arms and Tough Questions: Technology and Infertility
According to Wikipedia, one in seven couples have problems in conceiving a baby. When you're facing a childless future, how do you know what's right when it comes to infertility treatments? Should you seek medical help? What kinds are okay? Is it even biblical?

Revive Our Hearts: Fighting for Life: The Stories of Jason, Kelly, and Rebecca
For many women facing unplanned pregnancies, abortion seems to be the only answer to their "problem." That is, until they walk out of the abortion clinic with a whole new set of problems. In these special programs, you'll hear the stories of three people who've been there, and who are now giving their lives to fight for the unborn. As you listen to Jason, Kelly, and Rebecca, you'll learn how God can heal and how He can use you to stop abortion.

Youth ministry to pregnant teenagers
Were you ever in a youth group with a teenage mother? Were you ever a teenage mother in a youth group? How would you handle the situation if you were a youth leader?

Pregnancy in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Pregnancy is portrayed throughout the Bible as a wonderful gift from God. This is just one instance of a couple praying to God for children, and being blessed by pregnancy.