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The Ultimate Royal Spectacle - #6338
He's coming back to His world. He's coming unannounced, He's coming uninvited. But today the King wants to come into any heart that will welcome Him and enthrone Him. See, today the question is, "What will I do with Jesus?" Then, the question will be, "What will Jesus do with me?"


Disproportionate Power - #6187
You plus God equals a majority, but if you try to anticipate the outcome based on earth math, you'll probably hold back, you'll probably miss the amazing thing God wants to do.


Hold on - a Christian perspective
What can Christians hold on to when life is difficult, and we're flooded by trials and challenges? To the hope that God holds out to us--that Jesus saves us from our sin, and brings us into a relationship with God.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Halloween-Real Monsters - #8131
I’m actually talking about that monster in your closet. Not the ones that you used to imagine were in there; the ugly stuff from your past that you’ve tried to keep in a closet where you wouldn’t have to face it. See we’ve all got those monsters, stuff we think is too scary or too shameful to deal with, but that’s a mistake.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Night Vision - #8058
There have been so many times when I have needed the night vision advantage; when the situation was dark, I had no idea where I was going as a parent, a husband, a decision maker—when I’m going where like life provides no map. Those dark times can become detour times from a life that matters, but thank God He has promised to be the light for every night we’ll ever face.