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Can we prove the existence of God?
Does God exist? Is there scientific evidence for the existence of a Creator? What reasons, if...

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Proof in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Why should we believe that Christ will uphold his promise to return one day? The fact that he rose from the dead, in perfect fulfillment of prophecy, is proof enough that he can be trusted to do what he promises.

No Such Thing as Mission Impossible - #5860
I can't imagine anyone in the world of the early Christians whom they would have considered a greater "mission impossible." But there's no such thing when it comes to God, including that person in your life who seems to be so hard, so far from God, so antagonistic, so impossible to get through to

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Treasure in the Trash - #5695
The parable right before this indicates that the field is this world we live in and the man in the field is Jesus. And the buried treasure? That's you and me. It's very possible you've been such a buried treasure that you don't even know you're a treasure! But Jesus thinks so! I love one thought that George W. Bush expressed in his Inaugural Address. He said, "No insignificant person was ever born."

How do you square Jesus' miracles with reality? - Faith Facts
To say miracles are difficult to explain scientifically is one thing, but to say they can't happen is another. This article examines Christ's Resurrection (the greatest miracle) with the same principles acceptable in a court of law. One conclusion: If God exists, then miracles are possible....

Charles G. Finney : Bound to Know Your True Character
It requires that we should understand our own hearts, that we should take the proper steps to make proof of our real characters, as they appear in the sight of God. It refers not to a trial or proof of our strength, or knowledge, but our moral character, that we should thoroughly test it, so as to u

What’s the best “proof” of creation? - Answers in Genesis
If the Bible’s account of creation is true, you may ask, then what’s the best proof I can give to someone? Why doesn’t all the evidence for creation convince scientists that evolution is wrong? Well, it’s not that simple. In this chapter, we will examine the presuppositions that all people have and