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What's the difference between church discipline and punishment?
Have you ever witnessed, or experienced firsthand, "church discipline" administered by your...

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The Peace of Releasing the Wheel - #6178
you have an opportunity to have every sin of your life erased from God's book, and trade hell for heaven. Jesus comes into your life when you tell Him, as a recent hit song says, "Jesus, take the wheel." You put your trust in Him because He gave His life for you. And He doesn't ride - He drives. It's time to give Him the wheel.

Avoid Spankings - #2549
You will ultimately submit to God's way sooner or later, after a little pain, or a lot of pain. Now, take advantage of my friend's scientific thinking, why not eliminate any more pain? Why not do what God said to do, now! It's the road you were made for anyway. Is your way really worth all this pain?

Punishment - a Christian perspective
True love cannot be born out of a fear of punishment. Love is unconditional and incompatible with fear.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Always Found Out - #5600
If God let us get away with our sin, we would destroy our lives and we'd sin our way right to hell. For our own sake - because He loves us - God insures that we have to deal with our sin. Someone who is listening today, maybe you're living in the illusion that you'll get away with your sin, with the lie, the adultery, the stuff going on behind people's backs, the cheating. Or maybe you think you could get away with the pornography, that habit, that deception, that bitterness, that sinful relationship. You won't get away with it. God won't let you.

I've lived a pretty good life. I'll go to heaven, if there is one, won't I? - Faith Facts
The belief that goodness earns eternal salvation is the single most prevalent misconception about Christian teaching. The question is, by whose standard are you "good"—God's perfect standard or man's imperfect one? Or do we actually need a Savior? Read more....

A.W. Pink : God\'s Agency in War
Does God punish nations for their wickedness under the Christian dispensation as He did during Old Testament times? If He did not we should have to discontinue the use of many of the Psalms in the praise of God. David often speaks of the righteousness of God’s judgment against the nations, and if it