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Being Still this Thanksgiving
This is a repost from 2007 post titled, A Thanksgiving Reflection from

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A Christmas Survival Kit - #2596
If you are going to protect the heart of Christmas and not succumb to the hassle of Christmas, you must protect a quiet spot at the beginning of each day where quietness and trust will be your strength. Think about those birds in that painting. Peace was not the absence of a storm, it was peace right in the middle of it. They found their quiet spot. Well the secret is the same for you. The more hectic the season is, the harder it is to get your quiet time with the Lord and the more you need it.

Quiet in the Bible: Psalm 131:1-3
In this passage, the psalmist describes God "quieting" his soul--putting his worries to rest and granting him inner peace. God's power to relieve our worries is often mentioned in the Bible.