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Aquinas, Thomas (ca. 1224-1274) : Christian History Institute
The 29th in Christian History Institute's series "In Context" looks at the famous words of Thomas Aquinas when he ceased writing.


Boniface VIII (ca. 1235-1303) : Christian History Institute
The 30th in Christian History Institute's series "In Context" looks at a famous statement on salvation from a bull by Pope Boniface VIII.


Julian of Norwich (ca 1342-ca 1416) : Christian History Institute
The 31st in Christian History Institute's "In Context" series examines a statement by the Medieval visionary Julian of Norwich from one of her showings or visions.


John Wycliffe (ca. 1324-1384) : Christian History Institute
The 32nd of Christian History Institute's In Context series examines the circumstances surrounding a statement by John Wycliffe about the importance of Scripture.


Russian Ambassadors (987) : Christian History Institute
How Vladimir came to accept Orthodoxy for Rus through the reports of his ambassadors, the twenty-fourth in Christian History Institute's series In Context.


Theodulf of Orleans (ca. 760 – 821) : Christian History Institute
Theodulf of Orleans, while unjustly imprisoned, writes a hymn of praise which remains a favorite of the church. Christian History Institute shows the historical background of this quotation in context.


Bede (ca. 672-735) : Christian History Institute
From Christian History Institute: The Venerable Bede prays to be able to come to God in this notable quotation shown in its historical context.


Jerome (ca. 342-420) : Christian History Institute
In giving the wealthy widow Ageruchia his reasons against remarriage, Jerome frets over what it will mean if Rome falls to the barbarians in this quotation from Christian History Institute's "In Context" series.


14. John Chrysostom (ca. 345 – 407) : Christian History Institute
Christian History Institute's "In Context" provides the background of the bishop and martyr John Chrysostom's saying that those who belong to Christ do the most damage to his work.


15. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) : Christian History Institute
Christian History Institute's "In Context" provides the background of theologian Augustine of Hippo's famouse saying, "Our hearts are restless until they find rest in Thee."