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God’s Word for All Sorts of Moms
Maybe you have a blended family, and your kids are only with you some of the time. Then pray for the “other” mom to water the seeds you plant in your children. Maybe you’re a single mom in need of spiritual support. Then find hope and support in Psalm 68, where the Lord is described […]


Faith is Both a Noun and a Verb
When parents are fleshing out their faith and living out their days with joy and honesty, their children will be attracted to it. Children want something that is real; they want to follow someone who is genuine. Your example—in victories and challenges, in successes and sins, in forgiveness and accountability— can lead them toward an […]


5 Ways to Pray for Your Kids’ Friendships
Have you ever pondered about how to pray for your kids’ friendships? Or have you ever given thought to how God wired us for relationships? In the beginning of time, God created and formed the world of beauty, then created man to inhabit it. Each day, God viewed His creation, and said it was good. […]