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The Downhill Thrill and the Uphill Bill - #6550
Oh, you have the good feeling right now that sin gives, maybe you don't have the consequences yet, and it's easy just to go with what you can see now. But the thrill is not worth the price tag. This moment won't last. The loss, oh it will last. The pain, the consequences? Just ask King David. They last a lifetime.


Credit Card Follies - #6531
Since we can't see where choices lead until it's too late, do we live by the throw of the dice? Well, that's where the Bible comes in. It tells us where our decisions lead. When you sow to your sinful nature, it will destroy things. It's gonna happen! When you sow to things that please the Holy Spirit, you're going to reap things that will last forever. It's gonna happen!


"Sow" in the Bible: Galatians 6:7
Our actions, good or bad, have consequences. We "reap" the consequences of the deeds we have done.


The Harvest of Doing Good - #5888
Give a gift when there's no occasion for your appreciation but just the person himself. Send those thank you notes. Give that compliment; that word of encouragement. Use the money that God's entrusted to you to lift people's burdens and people's spirits. Don't be afraid to be generous. After all, Jesus said, "You lose your life by trying to hang onto it, but you find your life by giving it away."


Reap - a Christian perspective
The Bible makes it clear that people enjoy, or suffer, the consequences of their behavior. When we "sow" good deeds, we reap the benefits, and when we do evil ourselves, it will come back to haunt us.


The spirit - a Christian perspective
Those who live to serve the Holy Spirit can expect Him to respond by blessing them. But those whose words and actions glorify any spirit other than God will reap the consequences.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - The Vibe You Send - #8173 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
...sometimes we wonder why people seem to be ignoring us or not wanting to be around us. Maybe they’re just reading what we’re wearing. In other words, they’re responding to the vibe we seem to be broadcasting.