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Today's Devotional: Our Refuge
Where do you turn in times of trouble? If you're like me you'll try everything but God when...

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Ever present help - a Christian perspective
God isn't a distant, uncaring deity looking down from the distant heavens. He's active and involved in our lives, and is working at all times to help us and respond to our needs and requests.

My rock - a Christian perspective
God is often described as a fortress or refuge for His followers. Here, the psalmist praises a God who serves as his rock and refuge--an unshakeable force protecting His people.

Dwelling place in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God is often referred to as a fortress or refuge for His children. Here, He is described as a dwelling place that has protected generations of believers.

Strong tower - a Christian perspective
One common metaphor used to describe God is a refuge--or in this case, a tower--that provides protection to those who seek solace there.

Cares - a Christian perspective
God's compassion is one of His most noteworthy traits. He loves and cares for those who believe in Him, and protects them from spiritual danger.

Refuge in the Bible: Psalm 9:9
God is many times in the Bible described as a refuge or fortress where the weak and oppressed can find safety. All who are persecuted or rejected by the world can find shelter in Him.

Protection in the Bible: 2 Samuel 22:3
When life is difficult, we can count on God to be a constant, never-changing source of help. The Bible often describes God as a source of safety and refuge--a fortress in which we can take refuge, which can withstand any disaster or assault.