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Turning Over Your Treasure - #6315
If you're a parent, could I encourage you to take a Hannah inventory today? Are you releasing your son or daughter for whatever? Whatever assignment your Lord has for him or her? Or do you have a plan for your child that you're trying to get God to sign off on. Don't stand in the way of God's best for that child of yours, and don't be seduced by the lies our world tells us about what's best for them.


How to Save Your Child - #6235
When we hold onto our child, we create a rebel or a robot. When we release our child to the God who gave that child to us, we cooperate with the great plan for which our child was created.


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"Release" in the Bible: Luke 4:17-19
At one point in Jesus' ministry he goes to Nazareth and begins to teach in the synagoge there. He takes the scroll of Isaiah and reads a few verses where Isaiah is talking about someone releasing the oppressed and proclaiming the year of the Lord. Jesus says that the scripture is talking about him.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Illusion Of Control - #4155
For many of us, life is pretty much like driving one of those amusement park race cars. We hold onto the wheel tightly, trying to be in control, thinking we are in control. Refusing to relinquish control. News Flash: it's an illusion. See, we're little masses of protoplasm on this little dirt ball called earth in a sea of billions of galaxies. But we still hang on tightly to our little steering wheel, shouting, "I'm in control!" Until God allows one of those things into our life that shatters our illusion and exposes the truth.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Safe Place For Your Child - #4076
If you're a parent, you have at least one of those "lambs" that the Lord carries in His arms close to His heart. Maybe your lamb is pretty big now - maybe all grown-up - but whatever their age, they are still your lambs.