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Traditions of men - a Christian perspective
A constant danger for Christians is that they'll forget the simple gospel of Jesus Christ and get caught up in man-made rules and traditions. This tendency to mistake man-made religion for genuine spirituality was a problem in Jesus' day, and it's still a problem today.

Last Call - #5886
You can't postpone God's call. And you can't be ready for it any other way than to be sure you belong to Jesus - the only One who can remove the sin that will keep you out of heaven. You say, "But I'm a good person." I'm not good enough, not for a perfect God. That's why Jesus came, that's why He died, that's why He rose again.

Nothing To Play With - #5736
So the life-or-death, heaven-or-hell issue isn't how good you are, how religious you are, how long you've been doing Christian things. It's this: has there ever been a time when you told Jesus Christ you were going to depend on Him and Him alone, to have your sins forgiven and to go to heaven when you die?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Hand That Won't Go Under - #8138
Constantine had declared Christianity would be the official religion of the Roman Empire and he wanted all of his soldiers to be baptized. There was just one catch; when they went in the water and got baptized, most of them got baptized, but they held one hand out of the water. It was their sword hand. They refused to let the hand that got things done be baptized for Jesus, which honestly has caused me to ask, “What’s in my un-baptized hand?”

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - What You Can Do to Be Rescued
Maybe you have been depending on your own goodness, on your family connections, or maybe on the fact that you agree with all the Jesus stuff to get you to heaven. If that's the case, you've got Christ in your head, but you don't have Him in your heart.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Nice Ways to Miss God
Maybe you've found your spiritual experience in creation—in the mountains, the ocean, or the universe. That's good, but that's not God.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Undefeated - But Untested - #8115
It’s easy to be undefeated when you’re not even in the game. Well there are too many undefeated followers of Jesus because they’re totally sidelines Christians, settling for life that’s safe instead of a life that matters.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Impressive on the Outside, Nothing on the Inside - #5666
You're missing Jesus in your heart. Even religious people can miss Him. Your Christian exterior may actually have allowed you to believe that you have Jesus when, in reality, you've never consciously given yourself to the Man who died to pay for all your sin. If you're tired of just repainting the scenery of your life and improving the exterior, why not open the door of that set and let Jesus into the emptiness inside.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Many Paths to God - #8100
Now Jesus made a clear, bottom-line statement that transcends any human opinions we may have about how to get the life that matters that He intended and how to get to heaven.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - How We Believe, How We Behave - #8102
You know that’s how many Christians feel about Jesus in their life. They’ll give Him one slice of the pie and that one really has a Jesus flavor. They go to church, they read their Bible, they pray, but then there’s my job, my money, my entertainment, my relationships, how I treat people, and the Jesus slice of course.