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The High Price of Saving Your Life - #6208
It doesn't make sense to ignore the Rescuer or to push Him away. On His behalf, I beg you, let Jesus rescue you! He did all He could do so you could live, but it's your move now. He didn't stay dead. He rose from the dead, and He's knocking on the door of your heart this very day.


The Race To Save Lives - #3733
Every day they live without Christ, they move one step closer to an eternity without Him. But you're there. And you have the serum. You have nothing more important to do with the rest of your life than to deliver life to those who will die if you don't.


Life-Saving Teamwork - #3722
God has made each of us who know Him both rescuers and the enablers of rescuers. There are some lost people God has positioned you to help go to Heaven. And He has given you resources to enable some of those He's called to put their whole life into His rescue mission. According to Philippians 4:17 , when you give to keep them on the front lines, their fruit will be "credited to your account" in Heaven.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Year That Everything Changed - #5630
With all that's changed recently, the things that really matter have not changed. In fact, the changes make the important things more important than ever. Make frequent visits to God's Throne Room - to Jesus' cross to get clean - and go on frequent missions to take some people to heaven with you.