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The Trouble With Wells - #6389
Jesus wants to make you secure by putting your life source inside you. He is enough. You're meant to draw your life from inside you, not from around you. The key to peace, the end of roller coaster living, is to depend on the spring of water welling up inside of you. And that's the identity Christ can give you.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Those Hard-Hitting Holy Men - #5635
There is no doubt that Jesus was so tender that children were drawn to Him like a magnet. He was compassionate toward the outcasts, the wounded, the vulnerable. He made people feel very loved and very valuable everywhere he went. But that doesn't mean He was weak. He was every inch a man in tenderness and in strength.


A.W. Pink : Contentment
Discontent! Was there ever a time when there was so much restlessness in the world as there is today? We very much doubt it. Despite our boasted progress, the vast increase of wealth, the time and money expended daily in pleasure, discontent is everywhere. No class is exempt...