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Lottery Fever and Other Contagious Diseases - #6663
My spiritual bankruptcy traded for His eternal treasure, because He gave it all. It was an offer I could not resist. For so many, including me, our lifetime search ended at the feet of Jesus Christ, and that's where it will end for you.


Rich in the Bible: Matthew 19:16-30
In this story, Jesus tells a rich man who has studiously upheld the law that he still isn't righteous enough to know God. The point is not to heap extra duties on the man, but to show that our actions, no matter how good, are not enough to find salvation; we can only do so through Jesus.


Barn in the Bible - a Christian perspective
"You can't take it with you"--that's one of the messages of this parable, in which a rich man, obsessed with his wealth, builds a great barn to store it all... only to die that same night. The Bible is clear in warning us not to focus on temporal wealth and possessions instead of truly important spiritual matters.


Greed in the Bible: Luke 12:14-21
Greed--an insatiable desire for wealth and earthly possessions--is condemned repeatedly in the Bible. In this vivid parable, Jesus reminds us that we "can't take it with us," describing a rich man whose vast horde of wealth did him no good when he died.